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Mercedes Benz EQV

Benz EQV

We offer discount on factory selling price. Please check with us for details.


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TRUST RENT A CAR can provide free charging equipment installation for the on-site planning and special installation services.*



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TRAC offers a customisation Benz EQV rental service

To assist you in all technical aspects

TRAC Benz EQV car rental service contract allows you to choose models, colours, compartment materials, options, accessories and tires

Zung Fu senior specialists will assist you and follow up your brand new vehicle formulation plan. To solve any issue of EQVfor customers are absolutely their mission

To confirm and submit your order. Our specific personnel will follow up your case to make sure your designated car will be delivered to you promptly and on time

Electric MPV debut

MPV and SUV are both in a market that cannot be ignored. Upon the launching of EQC by Mercedes Benz, another member of EQ is the MPV model EQV.

To choose the brand new Benz EQV


To opt for your Benz EQV



To submit your order

The appearance of EQV continues the V-Class exterior design and is redesigned in details to correspond to its identity as an electric vehicle. With a closed tank cover design, the full LED headlights are the same shape as the V-Class. The front bumper has been redesigned, with a wider mesh shape to enhance the dynamic visual effect, while the charging hole is set under the left headlight. 


Power configuration, the EQV is equipped with an electric drive system (EATS), the maximum output of the motor can reach 204hp, the peak torque output is 362Nm, with a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 90kWh. the official announcement claims that the maximum endurance is about 405km, and the maximum speed can reach 160km per hour /h, the average energy consumption is 27.0 kWh/100 km, it can be charged from 0% to 100% in 10 hours through 11kW AC charging, and it can be charged from 10% to 10% in less than 45 minutes through 110kW DC fast charging 80% battery. 


Equipped with MBUX infotainment system. Since the Mercedes-Benz A-Class series is equipped with the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system, it is obvious that the brand is committed to promoting the intelligentisation of cars. The Concept EQV is also equipped with the MBUX system, which continues to let users say "Hey, Mercedes!" to adjust different functions in the car. 


Inheriting the design features of EQ, Concept EQV, as a member of the EQ family, can be said to undertake the design features of EQ inside and outside the body, such as the dynamic silver body, chrome-plated plug-ins, LED light strips, 19-inch light alloy wheels, etc., all of which are implemented in the EQ family. high-tech design. Although the main colors of blue and black are used in the interior of the car, such as the instrument panel and seats, the above colors are used, but there are also rose gold details, which harmonize the cool and explosive look and feel of the body.

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Mercedes Benz EQV 300 Long

Selling Price - $1,150,000 up

Rental Fee for Self-Driving - $22,300 up

Mercedes Benz EQV 300 Extra Long.jpg

Mercedes Benz EQV 300 Extra Long

Selling Price - $933,000 up

Rental Fee for Self-Driving - $17,700 up

Benz EQV

*All car rental and driver services are provided by TRUST RENT A CAR LIMITED, Mercedes Hong Kong is not responsible for these as such.

*All prices of vehicles are the discretionary of Mercedes Hong Kong.

*The rate of car rental with or without driver is subject to change according to the rental period. TRUST RENT A CAR LIMITED has final decision.

*The above services and website should not be construed as an agreement and or the responsibility between TRUST RENT A CAR LIMITED and Mercedes Hong Kong. All services are effective only when relative contracts were completely signed.

* Vehicle specifications, appearance and prices are for reference only and will be subjected to the relevant manufacturer or brand. For more information, please refer to the official website of the original brand.

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