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A modern cloud management for your vehicle team

We are not simply provide vehicle rental service only

We are your vehicle management partner; let you manage your vehicle team and drivers more fexible and convenience.

Abandon the traditional software management and paper record management, we provide an advanced and easy access vehicle management platform on cloud’s service. Collaborate with your fleet mangement, drivers, and our maintenance. Monitor vehicle location in real-time with

free of charge!


Arrange Vehicle Allocation

Arrange your vehicle and driver through our platform. Check the usage of vehicle and available vehicle and driver at anywhere and anytime with comprehensive usage record.


Vehicle allocation and records

Arrangement and management

The flexible way for vehicle and driver

Simply use our arrangment function to assign driver and vehicle in the customized calendar. Check out the latest status at anytime and anywhere. Create and update new mission in effective way could keep your record properly.


Drop and assign the duty in calendar

Add, edit or move the task quickly

Manage vehicle or driver operations

Notify driver automatically


Active vehicle maintenance services


We believed that vehicle rental company should provide the maintenance service. You do not need to worry about the arrangement, we will take the initiative to schedule related tasks properly.


Miles and time intervals

Schedule service will be arranged when your vehicle ran a certain distance or specified period. Scheduling and early notification after a certain period of time being since last service.


Expiring notice

Scheduling and early notification after a certain period of time being since last service.


Expired action reminder

As expiration reminder will appear soon, we could remind you about the service needs at anytime, anywhere.

Real-time vehicle monitoring

Always collaborate with the team to ensure the vehicle operating


Eliminate paperwork

Your management team and drivers can check the vehicle status, submitting the photo and adding comments via smartphone or desktop. The data will save in the cloud automatically, you would save time and manpower for handling the paperwork and what’s more, you don’t need to bare the fee of purchasing the hardware.


Driver obedience

Notify the reminder to the drivers upon checking due date and arrange the vehicle inspections schedule. You may check the inspection history via platform and ensure driver can provide the necessary report for any accident occurred.


Solve the problem immediately

Customize notifications and take immediate action. You don’t need to pass the paper document to the office, our management staff will receive the problem alert and notify us immediately, your vehicle will back to normal soon.

Cloud platform check, working principle

We provide is an intuitive solution platform on your desktop or smartphone, 

It helping us to manage and track the inspection process for each vehicle.   

Our preset checklist will report the defects by electronic methods to the driver and the officer.


The driver check the vehicle and record in the mobile application or web browser.


The results will appear in our platform, we will contact your vehicle manager to arrange the maintenance.

When vehicle repair is completed, the record will update the original inspection report in the platform.


The driver confirmed the problem has been settled in the next inspection.


The vehicle is ready to pick up and fulfill the requirement of inspection report


Track itinerary, Report vehicle problem, inspection performance, find device details etc.

Smartphone support system:

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