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The difference between purchasing a vehicle and using our services

Value has been depreciating

License fees have been increasing

Insurance cost

Maintenance costs and administration

Cannot be used while the vehicle is being repaired

Legal Risks of Vehicle Accidents

Convert your owned vehicle into service

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing vehicles and drivers, enjoy professional and reliable service,
and turn depreciating assets into liquid cash

Smart companies are abandoning the purchase and management of vehicles. Mobility-as-a-Service simplifies the process of using vehicles for enterprises. We will pay a higher recycling price than the market to buy the vehicles you owned by provide with high-quality rental services in return.

Higher-than-market vehicle recovery prices

Immediately turn assets you are depreciating back into liquid cash

Smart companies are moving towards a depreciating asset layout. With the support of TRAC's corporate travel solutions, companies can instantly convert vehicles back into cash with better conditions by enjoying a better and more flexible service solutions

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