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Mercedes Benz eVito

Benz eVito

We offer discount on factory selling price. Please check with us for details.


Standard Contract Year (more favourable offer for corporate customers)

Start up rent

Maximum Seating Capacity



TRUST RENT A CAR can provide free charging equipment installation for the on-site planning and special installation services.*


TRAC offers a customisation Benz eVito rental service

TRAC Benz eVito car rental service contract allows you to choose models, colours, compartment materials, options, accessories and tires

To assist you in all technical aspects

Zung Fu senior specialists will assist you and follow up your brand new vehicle formulation plan. To solve any issue of eVito for customers are absolutely their mission

​To submit your order

To confirm and submit your order. Our specific personnel will follow up your case to make sure your designated car will be delivered to you promptly and on time

Mercedes Benz eVito already lands in Hong Kong – a full-size electric luxury van

There are more and more Mercedes-Benz Vitos in the market of vans and vans. Hong Kong introduced its electric version eVito, which can be regarded as the first full-size electric Van on the market.

To choose the brand new Benz eVito


To opt for your Benz eVito



The eVito PRO is just as functional, secure and comfortable as you have come to expect from a Mercedes-Benz Vito. Its highly efficient electric motor has a maximum output of 150 kW (204 hp) [Mercedes-Benz eVito PRO] electrical consumption in kWh/100 km (combined): 26.5~32 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 0.]1 [*] and torque of up to 362 Nm.

With a range of up to 378 km1, 2 you can also use it for journeys which go beyond city borders. The usable battery capacity is 90 kWh and as an option can be charged from 10 to 80 % in around 45 minutes3 with up to 110 kW at a rapid charging station. In the spacious interior with up to 6 seats (including the driver) you do not have any limitations due to the electric drive.

Enjoy working here

Lets talk about the pleasant aspects of your job: the eVito will send you to work in high spirits thanks to its spacious interior. On the robust and comfortable seats, you can handle even long journeys as comfortably as possible. In cold weather, heated seats for the driver as standard is a valuable bonus. Should you need space for 2 passengers up front, you can order the optional co-driver's bench seat.

Flexible charging at a variety of charging stations

Thanks to its Combined Charging System (CCS), the eVito PRO gives you very flexible options at the charging point or wallbox: as standard, it charges with up to 11  kW AC from 0 to 100% in around 10 hours. With the DC charging power of up to 110 kW, the standard high-voltage battery can be charged from 10 to 80% in 45 minutes1 at a DC rapid charging station. The charging cable just needs to be plugged into the CCS charging socket (combo 2) in the left-hand side of the front bumper. Should there be no wallbox or charging station available, the battery can also be charged via the domestic grid.

Expert assistance for relaxed driving

The range of assistance systems for the eVito PRO is exemplary in the mid-size van segment. In difficult driving situations as well as when parking and manoeuvring, highly developed systems can come to the driver's aid for a safer and more relaxed experience at the wheel.

Mercedes Benz eVito long.jpg

Mercedes Benz eVito Long

Selling Price - $605,000 up

Rental Fee for Self-Driving - $12,800 up

Mercedes Benz eVito Extra-long.jpg

Mercedes Benz eVito Extra-long

Selling Price - $---

Rental Fee for Self-Driving - $---

Benz eVito

*All car rental and driver services are provided by TRUST RENT A CAR LIMITED, Mercedes Hong Kong is not responsible for these as such.

*All prices of vehicles are the discretionary of Mercedes Hong Kong.

*The rate of car rental with or without driver is subject to change according to the rental period. TRUST RENT A CAR LIMITED has final decision.

*The above services and website should not be construed as an agreement and or the responsibility between TRUST RENT A CAR LIMITED and Mercedes Hong Kong. All services are effective only when relative contracts were completely signed.

* Vehicle specifications, appearance and prices are for reference only and will be subjected to the relevant manufacturer or brand. For more information, please refer to the official website of the original brand.

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