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Standard Contract Year (more favourable offer for corporate customers)



We offer discount on factory selling price. Please check with us for details.

Start up rent

Maximum Seating Capacity



TRUST RENT A CAR can provide free charging equipment installation for the on-site planning and special installation services.*




TRAC BMW THE iX car rental service allows you to choose models, colours, compartment materials, options, accessories and tires

BMW senior specialists will assist you and follow up your brand new vehicle formulationplan. To solve any issue of THE iX for customers are absolutely their mission

To confirm and submit your order. Our specific personnel will follow up your case to make sure your designated car will be delivered to you promptly and on time

Exceeding expectations, showcasing the passion for power control

As the first pioneer among luxury brands to enter the field of electric energy, BMW has demonstrated the profound technological heritage accumulated over a long period of time, adopting the new fifth-generation eDrvie technology and xDrive intelligent variable four-wheel drive system for the new BMW THE iX , Integrating the electric motor, power control module and transmission system, with a lithium battery module with a greatly improved energy density, showing BMW's leadership in the field of luxury brand electric power.

To choose the brand new BMW THE iX

TRAC offers a customisation BMW THE iX rental service


To opt for your BMW THE 7


To assist you in all technical aspects


To submit your order

The purity of luxury, people-oriented, driven by others. The innovative BMW THE iX is inspired by nature and interprets modern minimalism from the inside out.

The new BMW iDrive system fully demonstrates the technological concept with a sense of life. Shy Tech invisible technology can always appear at the most appropriate moment, just to return to the true feelings and achieve a harmonious state of harmony and symbiosis among people, cars and nature. Innovating BMW, THE iX, surpassing electric power, and bringing the future luxury travel experience close at hand.

BMW-THE-iX- xDrive40.png

BMW THE iX xDrive40

Selling Price - $798,000 up

Rental Fee for Self-Driving - $21,500 up

BMW-THE-iX- xDrive50.png

BMW THE iX xDrive50

Selling Price - $1,088,000 up

Rental Fee for Self-Driving - $26,800 up


*All car rental and driver services are provided by TRUST RENT A CAR LIMITED, BMW Hong Kong is not responsible for these as such.

*All prices of vehicles are the discretionary of BMW Hong Kong.

*The rate of car rental with or without driver is subject to change according to the rental period. TRUST RENT A CAR LIMITED has final decision.

*The above services and website should not be construed as an agreement and or the responsibility between TRUST RENT A CAR LIMITED and BMW Hong Kong. All services are effective only when relative contracts were completely signed.

* Vehicle specifications, appearance and prices are for reference only and will be subjected to the relevant manufacturer or brand. For more information, please refer to the official website of the original brand.

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