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Standard Contract Year (more favourable offer for corporate customers)

We offer discount on factory selling price. Please check with us for details.

565km​ (Premium)   580km​ (Luxury)


Maxus MIFA 9


Start up rent


430km (Premium)       435km (Luxury) 

Maximum Seating Capacity


We offer discount on factory selling price. Please check with us for details.

Start up rent

Maximum Seating Capacity



TRUST RENT A CAR can provide free charging equipment installation for the on-site planning and special installation services.*


TRAC offers a customization Maxus MIFA 9 rental service

To opt for your MIFA 9

TRAC MIFA 9 car rental service contract allows you to choose models, colours, compartment materials, options, accessories and tires

To assist you in all technical aspects

Inchcape Mobility senior specialists will assist you and follow up your brand new vehicle formulation plan. To solve any issue of MIFA 9 for customers are absolutely their mission

To submit your order

To confirm and submit your order. Our specific personnel will follow up your case to make sure your designated car will be delivered to you promptly and on time

The World's First Full-size 7 Seaters Pure Electric MPV

The outstanding body shape and luxurious comfortable cabin configuration bring you an incomparable driving experience

To choose the brand new Maxus MIFA 9




MAXUS launched the new MIFA 9 electric seven-seat luxury MPV by catering into the Hong Kong market. The name MIFA symbolizes Maximum, Intelligent, Friendly and Artistic. This model has an elegant appearance, a typical sealed front, futuristic air guides, and through-type LED head and taillights, showing a leadership style. It comes along with a length of more than 5.2 meters and a clear interior height of 1.3 meters and brings an extraordinary sense of space. There are as many as seven body colors, including Garnet Red and Sunny Blue.


The cabin of MIFA 9 is full of practicality, comfort and luxury. The front and middle seats are all made of high-grade Nappa leather and multiple functions. The independent worktable provides comfortable driving time for business passengers. In addition, the car is equipped with 12.3-inch central control screen, multi-functional leather steering ring and other equipment to meet family and business needs.

MIFA 9 is equipped with a 90kWh ternary lithium battery, with a maximum speed of 180km/h and a maximum cruising range of 430km under the WLTP test standard. Driving in urban areas can exceed 500km. Fast charging from 30% to 80% can be completed in 30 minutes.


The new MAXUS MIFA 9 pays attention to driving safety and has won the title of the safest large MPV in the past five years from E-NCAP. Safety configurations include AEB automatic emergency braking system, ELK emergency lane keeping system, etc. This vehicle allows drivers and passengers to move freely around Hong Kong with unrivaled safety and comfort.


Maxus MIFA 9 (Luxury)

Selling Price - $499,000 up

Rental Fee for Self-Driving - $15,800 up

Car Rental with Driver - $43,800 up


Maxus MIFA 9 (Premium)

Selling Price - $575,000 up

Rental Fee for Self-Driving - $16,800 up

Car Rental with Driver - $45,500 up

Maxus MIFA 9

*All car rental and driver services are provided by TRUST RENT A CAR LIMITED, Inchcape Mobility Ltd. is not responsible for these as such.

*All prices of vehicles are the discretionary of Inchcape Mobility Ltd.

*The rate of car rental is subject to change according to the rental period. TRUST RENT A CAR LIMITED has final decision.

*The above services and website should not be construed as an agreement and or the responsibility between TRUST RENT A CAR LIMITED and Inchcape Mobility Ltd. All services are effective only when relative contracts were completely signed.

* Vehicle specifications, appearance and prices are for reference only and will be subjected to the relevant manufacturer or brand. For more information, please refer to the official website of the original brand.

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