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Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

We offer discount on factory selling price. Please check with us for details.


Standard Contract Year (more favourable offer for corporate customers)

Start up rent

Maximum Seating Capacity



TRUST RENT A CAR customers can enjoy a discount of $5 per liter of gasoline during contract period*


To choose your brand new Toyota Prius

TRAC offers a customisation Toyota Prius rental service


To opt for your Prius

TRAC Toyota Prius car rental service allows you to choose models, colours, compartment materials, options, accessories and tires


To assist you in all technical aspects

Crown Motors senior specialists will assist you and follow up your brand new vehicle formulationplan. To solve any issue of Prius for customers are absolutely their mission


To submit your order

To confirm and submit your order. Our specific personnel will follow up your case to make sure your designated car will be delivered to you promptly and on time

Prius the 4th generation is coming back

With an absence of two years from the market, the iconic hybrid car Prius from the Japanese manufacturer - Toyota has finally returned to Hong Kong. Although it is also the fourth-generation version, the "small changes" are completely different, and the internal equipment has also been upgraded.

Five advantages of Toyota's fourth-generation Self-Charging Hybrid

Self-charging ~ Automatically recharges the battery through the deceleration kinetic energy of the engine or brake

Acceleration pleasure ~ Equipped with a gasoline engine and a high-torque electric motor, giving smooth acceleration

Quiet and Comfortable ~ Electric motor and engine switch smoothly for a smooth and comfortable ride

Energy saving and environmental protection ~ The engine and electric motor can be efficiently used in the driving room, the carbon dioxide emission can be minimized, and the fuel consumption is extremely low

Safety ~ The original 7 years or 100,000 kilometers (whichever comes first) hybrid system battery warranty with no worries at all.


Fashion and meaningful, open environmental protection mileage

Through the newly designed combination of LED head and taillights, the magnificent lines of the head cover and the rear sand board are further highlighted. It is also equipped with automatic switching and light level adjustment functions, which perfectly exudes a fashionable and intelligent spirit to the outside world.

Wisdom for You, Enjoy Calmly and Comfortably

Equipped with a JBL audio system with 10 sets of speakers, a 7-inch touch screen, Qi phone wireless charging device and Apple Car play, it follows the pace of today's convenient technology development. With a new generation of smart button pads, you can easily grasp the driving information and functions with one hand.


Toyota Hybrid battery warranty

The battery guarantee period of Toyota's gasoline-electric hybrid system is 7 years or 100,000 kilometers (whichever comes first). Experience the safe and comfortable journey brought by the Toyota Hybrid system.

Active safety system, equipped with seven airbags, brings all-round protection for you and your relatives.

  • Early warning protection system with automatic brake assist

  • Radar sensing vehicle distance cruise control system

  • Line Tracking Assist System

  • Lane departure warning system

  • Intelligent high light automatic cut

  • Change system


Noah Prius

Selling Price - $299,910 up

Rental Fee for Self-Driving - $6,700 up

Toyota Prius

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