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Smart and Simple Vehicle rental platform

Reasonable and reliable

Vehicle rental solution operator

Whether you need to manage 1 car or 10,000 cars, is now to abandon the traditional and tedious procedure.


Competitive Solution

We offer the most reasonable plan for our valuable corporate customer (compare with to other vehicle rental companies)


Proactive vehicle management services

We will proactively provide the latest vehicle management technology and the upate status of vehicle usage for our valuable customer.


Professional driver matching option

We can provide your prefered driver service on top of the vehicle rental service at the same time.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies


Customer does not need to share the cost

Advantages of platform operation

provide most reasonable prices offer

vehicle lease contract

We purchase your vehicle from local distributor with full support of vehicle maintenance in line with our own develop vehicle management system. We will also provide the best rental cost compared with other vehicle rental companies.

We manage the latest vehicle status with you

It’s not only about vehicle rental contract

we also a comprehensive and advanced vehicle management system

to make your vehicle management
more efficient

We provide free vehicle management platform for your good company, your team and even driver could see and manage the daily vehicle status, simply vehicle maintenance process, reduce the unnecessary paperwork and cost saving. What you need is a smartphone or tablet which you can manage daily operation by one hand.


We have what you need

We provide variety of vehicle options

and tailor made a solution for you

like driver or cross-border license

As a professional of vehicle rental company, we understand you or your company need and requirement. Please don't worry, this is our advantage from other vehicle rental companies, we provide far more than you can imagine, like professional driver, China-Hong Kong cross-border license or Hong Kong-Macao cross-border license or even up to bulletproof car!


You can find your best partner here

Please review our customer comment

Customers from different industry, our point to point service provide the best  management solution of using their vehicle.


Thank you for TRUST heartfelt support to us on rental car service and most importantly, prompt action on problem solving. I appreciate that you're always being attentive to concerns that I have been raising and always trying your very best to help out. TRUST are good business partner who always open to liaison no matter on pricing, service type and any special requests. 


It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of TRUST.

I have been using TRUST services for the past few years and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, responsible and offer the most  competitive rates in Hong Kong.

We are happy to recommend the services of TRUST. 


Learn more and start our co-operation

TRUST Rent A Car is strategic business partner with Mitsubishi HC Capital (Hong Kong) Limited

Our group has been engaged in automotive related business for more than 30 years


For enquiry, please call 852-3468 3396 or e-mail to

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